What We Do

Strategic thinking with seamless administration through easy, secure plug and play
devices and networks.
An ethos of contributing to communities and minimising carbon footprints through
green initiatives.
Suppliers and installers of innovative Manufactured Products. No need to wait for an
IoT device.

Advanced expertise in IoT/ AI Unicorn, ranging from Business, to Fintec
Evergreen teaching and learning, for the team and clients, including 5G, LTE,
LoWaRan, Neural Control and Artificial Intelligence.
Cyber Security incorporating a Telecomms Edge, Data Mining, Big Data and Deep
Learning. (Kali, Linux, PHP, SQL, Docker, Kubernetics, Devops, Pentetsting,
Forensics, Blockchain.)


Byronic provides consultation and solutions in Information Communication Technology, Internet Of Things and SaaS perimeters. It is our duty to ensure each and every client obtains world class and quality service. With experience of over 100 years our small team of experts will guarantee resolution and satisfaction to most pressing issues including but not limited to Cyber Security, Cloud and Hybrid solution as well as in premise.


We provide high end services and concentrate in Fintec and blockchain specialities along with state of the art Cyber Security and business consultation.


Byronic provides training with equipment, software on all or most technology available in blockchain, IoT and business solutions. We pride ourselves on taking pride in our work and satisfying the customer every single time.

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